Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm a slacker of a blogger. I know that. However, I do feel entitled to get riled up on behalf of my fellow bloggers when old people start questioning blogs. Actually, according to my co-workers I feel entiled to get fiesty over anything. I like to call it caring about my patients. But, I digress.

Okay, so I do realize "old people" is a generalization that may not be appropriate. Plenty of people prior to the MTV generation are now blogging. Heck, I'm sure they blog more frequently, eloquently and about more important things than I do (but, hey, who doesn't). What I'm trying to say is, I'm not calling you old.

I joined the local YMCA a few months ago and immediately noticed signs announcing the start of a book club. The first pick, Julie and Julia by Julie Powell, I had just started and was only a couple chapters deep. This was a sign. Kismet if you will.

Now, I've never participated in a book club, but I do love to keep my nose in a book or two or five. Growing up I didn't speak unless spoken to, and generally thought of the characters in my books as dear friends. Unfortunately, I don't find much time for reading these days. A book club was the perfect opportunity to make time.

If you're not familiar with this book here's the quick and dirty run down. An almost 30 year old secretary decides to cook all 500+ recipes in a Julia Child cookbook in 365 days. One year. The book follows her trials and tribulations as she cooks her way through the cookbook, blogging all the way. Her blog was so widely read, she went from blogger to writer due to the popularity of it.

Here's where my angst comes in to play.

I don't like talking in front of people. Not one bit. And I've never participated in book club prior to this. So, of course, you know the first question comes at me- what was your favourite part about the book?

Okay, so now this book, it was about an unfufilled woman cooking, blogging, cussing and drinking. Nothing really stuck out as a favourite part. So I state I liked the parts where the actual blog excerpt was in the book and what the readers (of her blog) had to say. Everyone looks at me like I'm nuts.

Later on during the discussion everyone rants about blogs and how they don't get it. Why are all these people who don't even know her reading this thing for a year?

I tried to explain the culture related to blogging and the internet in general, however every time I opened my shy little mouth someone else would talk over me. It was quiet unnerving for my first book club meeting. Especially, when I don't like talking.

The book for next month, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, will hopefully bring less banter and more discussion.