Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I almost volunteered The Best Man to fight a drunk high schooler...opps!

The Best Man and I had a picnic dinner at the park. We were laying on the river bank after eating with the river at our feet and the parking garage several yards behind us. Suddenly, something wet landed between us.

A half full Budweizer beer can.

The Best Man inspected and noted several beer cans by the parking garage. I packed up our stuff, put in the car and stormed up the incline of the deck looking for the kids who threw the can at me.

What was I thinking?

"How dare they?" That's what I was thinking.

What was The Best Man thinking? "I hope we don't get killed."

We have since spoken and he has been instructed to ground me and calm me down the next time.

I ended up confronting the 4 or 5 high schoolers. One of them was upset because I called him an idiot because he had fallen (or been pushed as he claimed) off the parking deck through a tree and onto the ground an hour earlier. This kid hand long scraggly blonde surfer boy hair and was 1/2 my size. He looked at The Best Man behind me and said "Is that your boy? He's going to have to fight me."

Then he began to take off his shirt.

Why is it that people who are trash talking always take off their shirts to fight? I mean, what's that going to do?

Needless to say, The Best Man has a lot cooler head on his shoulders than I do and simply stated we were not going to fight anyone and were just looking for whom ever threw a beer can at us.

Although there was an empty can at their feet, the same variety of what I was now wearing, they claimed some other kids did it.

And with that we stormed up the flight of stairs to the top level...where I cooled off and made The Best Man call the non emergency police number.

I hope those kids at the very least got busted for loitering and smoking and drinking under age. Take that little twerps!

Ps. Next time, The Best Man, will forcefully restrain me if need be and then we will stay put and call the non emergency police number.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today, 7/11, is free Slurpee day at 7-eleven. Last year on this date I drove down here, stopping to get a slurpee before I left, with a car load of clothes and PT books. Unfortunately, this state does not do convenience stores justice. At least this part of the state doesn't. No 7-eleven's around here. All the convenience stores are the small, shady ones connected with cheap gas stations. You know, the kind where you would never ever dare to use the restroom even if you had the runs because you know you'll easily get a communicable disease just from touching the door knob? So, that means no free Slurpee's for me today. Everyone down here just tells me to get an Icee. Seriously? There is no comparison to a Slurpee. So, someone out there, please have a cold one on me. A Slurpee that is. Cola or Mt dew are the best.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More dental work.

Began work on the much needed crown numero dos today! They drilled and drilled while I slobbered and gagged. Then they did impressions and slapped a temporary crown on. In 2-3 weeks I will get a call when the crown has been made, then I get to go back and have them cement that puppy on! All I have left (to my knowledge anyway) is an implant to fill the gapping hole in my mouth! Then, the next plan is to see if I can con someone into whitening my teeth at a decent price! Wish me luck!