Friday, September 26, 2008

San Francisco: Day 2

San Fran was MUCH colder than I expected. I mean, this is the west coast we are talking about! It is supposed to be warm! Right? Well, the previous day ended up being warm in Napa Valley, so I thought I'd be fine with my sun dress and a sweater. I ended up having to buy an over priced ($60!) pair of Levi's to put under my sun dress to keep warm. We spent the morning riding the trolley, exploring Fisherman's wharf and window shopping. There was a National Park on the bay, which was pretty cool. Below is a picture of me as a feisty, captain of a ship! Aaarg!

After a lunch of fish and chips with a great view, we checked out Lombardy Street. We got a few decent pictures of it. On our way to check out the Golden Gate we saw a LONG line of tourists waiting to drive down this famous street.

Next, we drove over the Golden Gate for the second time. We went to a cool overlook spot that The Best Man had found the day before I got there. We had spectacular views (despite the fog and wind) with only a few other people.

Then, we drove and drove for at least an hour to get to the Pacific. Below is a picture of the first time my piglets ever touched the Pacific Ocean! Not only was it cold, but it was also contaminated! This was as far as I went in! Afterwards we found a dive of a restaurant for dinner. It looked somewhat questionaable from the outside, but we ended up being pleasantly surprised. We came back and took a bit of a nap, then drank some wine and chatted and ended up getting some really good Indian food from across the street.

That was our trip via pictures. Sorry it took so long to post on the second day. I was busy catching up Grey's Season 4 before the new season started this week (it was spectacular by the way!).

Ps. I'd like to mention that TK has officially gotten me hooked on box wine. The good kind, not the shaddy kind. I do have to agree that the only down fall is not knowing when it will run dry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This week I'm tired of taking care of people who yell, curse, or at the very nicest frown as soon as they catch sight of me. I'm also tired of helping people who aren't receptive. That's enough complaining for the day. . . I'm off to watch the last two episodes of Grey's Season 4 before Season 5 starts tomorrow...although I still need to figure out exactly how I'll be watching it tomorrow without a cable.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

San Francisco: Day 1

After traveling for nearly 10 hours, I made it to San Francisco only half awake. I did sleep the whole way (but very fitfully because my limbs couldn't stretch out and my legs and butt kept falling asleep), but arriving at 12:30 AM, which was 3:30 East Coast time, really threw me off. Sam was awake of course and chatted my ear off on the way to the hotel.

After a few hours of sleep we got up a little before 7 in order to leave for The Ferry Building at quarter til. We hopped on our first trolley after walking up a hill or two. San Francisco, like Rome (and Richmond!), has 7 hills. I was so surprised at how hilly the city was. I've never seen a city with that many HUGE hills. I think the only reason such a hilly place turned into such a big city is the fact that it's on the water; a port city. I digress. The morning trolley experience wasn't terribly exciting because it was so early and we were one of the few groups of people on the trolley. However, this was great for watching how those things work!

On the way to Napa Valley we crossed over the Golden Gate bridge for the first time and got to see some of the country side.

The first winery was all sparkling or bubbly wine. We learned that only vines from France can be called Champagne due to a treaty. Of course, the U.S. did not sign this treaty with France, but we do honor it and don't use the term Champagne. The tour guide of this winery was very animated for 9:30 in the morning and drank along with us. I'm sure he must have been toasted by noon. The Best Man bought a bottle of bubbly at my request (I'm hoping to use it to celebrate in the next 3 years or so).

Next, we had a picnic lunch of sandwiches and pesto pasta at the second winery. Then, we tasted the wine. This was by far my favourite winery. Everything tasted great and I actually wanted to drink these wines. The Best Man ended up buying THREE bottles of wine.

Then, I get a little fuzzy. We went to two more wineries. One of which we tasted outside and I really enjoyed getting to walk along the vines. The other winery had pretty terrible wine, but since we each got 10 off a bottle we bought two bottles for 9 dollas total!

We ended the afternoon on a ferry back to San Francisco. Even though the wind and speed made it colder, we sat outside on the back of the ferry. We had a much better view than sitting inside.

I'll try to update on day 2 sometime soon! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Best Coast here I come!

SO very excited for my trip to San Francisco this weekend! I don't think it will really hit me until I get on the plane/s. I had to work this past weekend for the first time and have subsequently worked the past 7 days in a row. At this point, my main focus is getting through tomorrow's work day (especially since TEN more patients were admitted on my floor alone today). THEN, I will be even more excited. I even have a friend here who is going to drive me to and from the airport! Yesss! I love that I've known her for less than two months and she's willing to go out of her way to drive me around. It probably also helps that she lives 5 minutes from the airport and just bought a sexy, new Beamer this past weekend. It's nice to find girl friends down here who are like the ones I left at home- or like the one I've known since kindergarten at least.

Besides drinking Californian wine in Napa Valley, I am most looking forward to hugging The Best Man. I think that will be the highlight of this trip. I am a very huggy, touchy, feely kinda person. I have only gotten a handful of hugs since I've been down here. These hugs were fleeting and sometimes obligatory and/or awkward. I can't wait to be hugged by someone who knows me and loves me. I think that's the best feeling in the world. Just getting lost in a hug. That is something that I took for granted in the past. Now that I don't have close friends and family to hug I am dearly missing it. It's amazing how much we need another human's touch. Maybe that's part of why I do what I do? Just a thought.

Also, of note, I will be having my first guests next month (unless I can con other friends and family to come sooner). The Dietary Student from my best clinical will be visiting in October to run the marathon (I'm doing the half). This is also right when The Best Man will (hopefully slash better) make it into town. I'm looking forward to showing off my town. Now, I just have to trick my family, KO & Mike, The Newly Weds, TK & PB, etc. to come visit!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I know I have a problem. And I'm trying to stop. I really am. Part of me knows that buying 6 pairs of shoes in the 2 months I've lived here is obscene. But honestly, I needed 5 of the 6 pairs. I've been seeing girls in cute sandals all summer, so I got a pair to celebrate being done with boards. Plus, they were only 10 dollars. Then, I needed new running shoes. That's valid, right? Well, they were having a buy one get one half off sale. So, I got a pair of Sperrys. I needed those, too. I mean, I can't live in South Carolina and not have a pair of tan Sperrys. The blue pair I got last summer doesn't work with a lot of outfits. Pair number four was a pair of brown moccasins. I have been wanting some since last fall and I don't have a single pair of brown shoes. They were a necessary asset to my wardrobe. Today, I bought two pairs of shoes. Both purple. They are completely different shades of course. Obviously it would not have been practical to have two pairs of shoes the same color purple. It's not like I have any other pairs of purple shoes (well, unless you count flip flops, but those are only $3 from Old Navy). Three pairs of purple shoes would just be too much. Don't you agree? I have bought more than just shoes, but I won't bore you with more details. I have lost 15 pounds since this time last year, so its all needed. Plus, I got rid of a lot of clothes over the last year over the biggest of 5 moves. It also doesn't help when a friend of mine down here says she won't wear something around the same people/person for a year or so. I can't wear the same 5 tops every week. Enough of excuses. The plan is to save up for furniture and student loans. I'm not going to buy any more clothes this month. Well, at least not until I get to San Francisco later this week. . .

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I thought I'd post some pictures to prove that I am indeed talking to people and making friends.
Below is the evidence.

I decided to have a weekly girls night out. The second of which was last night. From left to right: 1) me, 2) new RN on my floor who works nights, 3) went to grad school with 4) new PT that I work with :)

Rehab Night Out: From left to right: 1) OT on my floor who is sadly leaving in 2.5 weeks, 2) guy who's job I took, 3) me, 4) new PT, 5) our lovely secretary :)

Spending money to save money

Spending a lot of dough eventually means I'll save some in the long run. My lucky day was today. I found a pair of boots for $60 off! Original price: $80, "Sale" price: $20. I use "quotes" because apparently it was a mistake; the new boots were not actually on sale. The lady at the register was not pleased at my "deal." When peeking inside the shoe box (to make sure I didn't steal anything), she exclaimed, "My daughter would LOVE to get THESE boots for TWENTY dollars!" Hey, I didn't make it up, lady, that's what the tag said!

My second money saving event of the day involved pesto. I had some pasta noodles left over. I've been trying all week to find some pesto to put on the pasta. The small Publix on my way home from work, Super BI-lo and Walmart do not carry pesto. Some of the workers even asked what it was! Crossing my fingers, I drove to Whole Foods as a last, expensive resort. Of course it was twice as expensive as it would have been if the other stores had carried it. When the girl tried to ring it up (that was the only thing I planned to purchase), it wouldn't scan. I told her this was the 3rd place I'd tried (3rd today, 4th over all). She then said, "It's not ringing up, that's a big zero." Then, she filled out a form and gave me the six dollar pesto for free. I don't know if it was the fact that it was organic or free that made this pesto taste better than my usual 3 dolla variety. Dinner never tasted so good!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Did I mention The Best Man and I are meeting up in San Francisco next weekend? Yay, I'm pretty pumped on life! We're going on a wine tour in the Napa Valley. On the way back from the tour we ride a ferry and go by The Golden Gate. You should be very jealous. Oh, and I got a new camera last week and it looks like I'll finally get to use it!

Also, of note, second Girls' Night Out outing tonight: Sushi for 2 dolla! Mmm wasabiii! :D