Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"It's my birthday!!!"

As I stood, chilled, in the parking lot, waiting for a friend to finish a phone call before we entered a fantastic Indian restaurant, the following scene unfolded before me:

A happy couple exits a bar. Dangerously close to one another (I couldn't help steal and change those lines as they were perhaps written for a situation similar to this). They stumble to their car, then abruptly change their course. Run to "Lucy's Love Shop."

The girl yanks on the door to find it locked. The girl tugs on the handle again before her partner's hip juts out to gently shove her out of the way. He gives the door a try.

"Nooo!" they scream in unison as the shop keeper glares as she turns out the lights and points to the closed sign.

"Come on! We'll be quick! We know what we want!"

"It's my biiiirthdaaaay! Coooome ooon!"

After what had to be several minutes of the two of them literally jumping up and down and shaking their fists and yelling, the shop keeper flips on the lights and lets the pair in.

At this point I couldn't help but hear that horrible "birthday sex" song in my head. 'Nuf said!

Welcome to Ghetto-fab G-vegas, baby!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hot diggity!

This summer I made the switch from beef hotdogs to turkey dogs. The Best Man's favourite beef hotdog brand is Nathan's. All beef dogs, especially the "jumbo" variety can run close to 200 calories. The turkey dogs I've grown to eat over the past few months are closer to 45 calories per dog. I figured if I could make the switch from beef to turkey- how hard could it be to switch to veggie?

Very hard indeed. Calories aside (80 per dog, almost twice my turkey dogs), these dogs are a no go. Besides looking strange (more orange than the pink of a beef dog and the white of a turkey dog), these veggie dogs did not taste...well, like meat. I tried them with melted cheddar and american on top, before dipping them in a swirl of ketchup and dijon mustard. Then, I tried eating them with a mouthful of beans. These were not just any beans. The only beans I buy are Bush's. You know, the kind with the maple syrup and bacon? Oh yeah, nothing but The Best. Taking a bite of these babies along with a bit of the veggie dog seemed to help. I can only guess this had something to do with the taste of bacon. Needless to say, once I've eaten the rest of the package, I'll be going back to my trusty turkey dogs.

For those of you whom can't forgo your beef in order to partake of the wonders of turkey, you are certainly missing out. Ground turkey makes a great subtitute for beef in tacos and burgers. Turkey bacon is much less greasy and fatty than the real bacon. I really enjoy this when I'm craving bacon and actually like it much more (so does my stomach and arteries!). Veggie bacon can also work in a pinch, but is not as good as turkey bacon, however much better than a turkey dog. Give it a try!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Best Man and I are heading to Nashville, TN tomorrow after work. We will be spending a long weekend exploring "Music City." This is the first time we have gone somewhere that The Best Man has NOT been and I HAVE! I went there for a conference last year and got to do all the "country" touristy stuff. So we will be bypassing that this time and seeing more of the city! We bought "attraction pass" which will get us into 4 attractions. So far, we have decided on doing one of the amphibious "duck tours" which will be on both land and water and a river cruise. The weather may not be on our side, so I'm not sure what else we will see with the pass.

We will also be going to The Bluebird Cafe. This is a listening room where songwriters perform in a quiet setting. At the end of the show a "surprise guest" will appear. This is usually an artist (not a writer). For me, this will be the highlight of the tour!

I'll be posting pictures sometime next week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello, World! I'm an artist!

Please keep in mind, this is a work in progress.

I've recently become a member of and will be making jewelry to sell on my site there. Please check out for more information. Expect to see new additions over the next few weeks and months!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shop-a-holic and Coca-Cola Icee

As if I didn't have enough trouble staying clear of Target (where I can easily blow $75 each time I go...even if it's on two consecutive days)- I've now discovered Target has a Coca-Cola Icee.

This lovely state of South Carolina does not have 711's. This means no Slurpee's. Thus, this Coke Icee is the next best thing.

I did discover a little known shop-a-holic saving secret. If you have as much trouble sticking to your shopping list as I do, try this little trick: Buy your favourite iced drink at your first stop and leave it in the car. This will ensure that you only have time to pop in and out of the shops and stick to your shopping list- otherwise, your drink melts in the car!

Now, I have another dilemma. I've recently cut out drinking sodas. Why do I think it's okay to drink a Coke Icee? Is that not a frozen soda?

Ps. We are going to Nashville, TN this weekend! Wahoo!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today I was able to run a whole two miles without foot pain. This may not seem like much, however, I am very pleased! | View 2 Mile Loop From The Y in Greenville, South Carolina

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