Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am spoiled rotten and am currently in Maui celebrating my 30th birthday. We will be here for a week and have already enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We arrived yesterday morning around 10 am. We went to a farmers market, got my free scoop of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, then went to the local taco shop, Maui Tacos, for a quick bite to eat before hitting the beach.

We tested out the water, enjoyed the view and took a nap before checking into our B&B. We got some great restaurant recommendations and had some poke and blacked mahi mahi for dinner. Then we went to bed early to get our beauty sleep before seeing sunrise at Haleakala this morning.

We listened to the guide books to go to a look out before the summit and were tickled to have the whole place to ourselves.

It was magical.

We then had a delicious breakfast the The Kula Lodge. We stuffed ourselves silly before heading to some farms: a lavender farm and a goat farm. More on that later.

More pictures and video to come. Stay tuned!