Monday, August 5, 2013


Just finished my first two mile run since March! 

I changed my form a bit by leaning forward. It felt awkward, but I only had minimal back discomfort. 

I remembered my high school track coaches telling me I ran with my back arched- almost like I was leaning backwards. There are pictures floating around somewhere that prove my form was off.  

Making this little correction helped reach my seemingly illusive goal of running two miles without stopping.  

My next short term goals: run 3 times/week, run 3 2 mile runs without pain over the course of a week, run a 5k!!!  

Long term goals: run 6 miles, complete a 10k then a 1/2 marathon. 

I would love to complete the marathon I'm signed up to do in November, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen this year.  

For now, I will be happy with running two (very slow) miles. I am happy, but not content.  I must keep trying to do more. 

On another fitness note, The Best Man and I finally joined a gym.  We have been going at least 3x/week, doing a little cardio, a lot of weights and loads of stretching.  I'm hoping this will help with returning to run. I need to continue to strengthen my hip abductors and stretch my hip flexors and piriformi. 

Run happy!