Sunday, March 21, 2010

Charlotte, NC

They say Greenville, SC is "close to everything and next to nothing." The Best Man and I have been seeing a lot of the "nothing," so we ventured up to a close by "everything" which happened to be Charlotte, NC.

We saw a Ben Folds concert on Friday night, which was a perfect way to start off our laid back weekend. Hysterical! Chatroulette is the way concerts are heading. At least I hope so.

The two of us spent the rest of the weekend wandering around, eating, drinking, seeing. Normally, I feel the need to plan every minute of time in a new city. Besides the concert, the only other plan we had was getting margaritas at Cabo Fish Taco. The rest of the time we poked into art galleries, boutiques and bars.

It was so nice to have a slow pace without plans. I may have to change the way I vacation! Perfect trip. Now, unfortunately, back to reality!