Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The good news is I don't have a stress fracture. The bad news is I have tendonitis. Immobilizing my foot in the boot continues to help, as does ice and rest.
I am learning to walk in the boot, but it still throws me off balance every now and then. I plan to wear hiking boots to work this week instead of the boot and a sneaker which would likely make me off kilter all day.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hop a long

After stay off my foot for 99.89% of the weekend it is feeling better. The boot has helped stabilize my ankle and I have also been icing it. A lot.

I have also managed to get a cold, so I'm feeling yucky and grumpy while being stuck with my foot elevated. I have enjoyed the sun that has made appearance the past two days.

I am starting to plan our trip to Hawaii.  Any suggestions? We will have 4-6 days and a small budget. We are currently thinking about Maui. Who has been to Hawaii? What do you know?

Friday, March 22, 2013

I ran a marathon on Sunday, what did you do?

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I decided to run a marathon before turning 30. I had been wanting to do it for years now and figured I should shoot to do it before the big 3-0. Some how The Best Man felt obligated or inspired to do this with me.

Training had been going well until mid January, when we ran 18 miles. My right hip started "talking to me" and then began screaming. I had to limp the last 2-3 miles home. I had "gluteus medius syndrome" from muscle imbalances related to my SIJD (sacroiliac joint dysfunction). With this injury and started a new job our training was slim to none the 6-8 weeks preceding the race. 

The race itself went well. I felt sluggish around miles 14-15, but managed to slog on.  The Best Man began to complain of knee pain a few miles later and we ended up walking a good bit of the last 5-6 miles.  We lumbered across the finish line in just under 5 hours. 

Sub 5 hours isn't sub 4, but it sure looks better than having my time start with a FIVE. 

I had a lot of energy at the end of the race and was dreaming about signing up for another marathon before we even finished. Must. Get. Sub. 4:30. 

Needless to say I was really sore the days following the race, but nothing that was unexpected.  That is, until a few days later.  Monday we took it easy and got to see a taping of Jay Leno.  Tuesday we walked around the San Diego Zoo all day (Amazing!).  Wednesday we had planned to run, but I wasn't feeling up to it just yet, so we walked twice.  The second walk was on the beach. Afterwards, I noted what I thought was a gnarly trigger point lateral to my distal tibia (that's shin bone for you lay persons). 

I tried to massage it out, stretch it out, iced it, took ibuprofen. It was bothering me all Thursday at work and got worse after lunch when I was forced to limp around due to the pain. That evening I tried to diagnose my self like any self respecting hypochondriac would. With all the bending and twisting and tugging I made things worse. 

I couldn't get an ortho appointment until Monday, so I went to urgent care and had some x-rays taken. I am currently sporting a fashionable air cast walking boot while waiting to hear back about the x-rays. Wish me luck!

By the way, The Asics LA Marathon was awesome! The course started at The Dodgers Stadium and went west towards the coast to end near Santa Monica Pier. We got there early and were pleased we were able to hang out inside the stadium for the two hours prior to the start.  What a treat! There were so many great spectators along the course (with the exception of the bit near the end through the VA) cheering, clapping, and handing out goodies (oranges, water, beer, pretzels, candy). There were a few tough hills near the beginning of the race, but otherwise nothing to complain about.  The weather was perfect. The medal and technical tee were top notch.  I would definitely do it again.  Oh and did I mention it was on St. Patty's Day which meant I had an excuse to wear my all time favorite color: GREEN! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gearing up for vacation

My Kid Brother and A Girl Named Leney will start making their long journey here in just over 4 hours. My Sassy is driving them from Richmond to D.C. at 1 PM EST.  They will then catch a flight to us here in SoCal. The Best Man and I will play tour guide for a WEEK!

This week will be spent walking on sandy beaches, toasting in wine country, beading for the girls and surfing for the boys, gazing at the animals at the San Diego Zoo, strolling down numerous piers, perhaps riding a feris wheel, enjoying sunsets, touring LA, hopefully spotting a celeb or two- just to name a few things.

So excited!

 Oh, and The Best Man and I may or may not be running the LA Marathon on St. Patty's Day.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Honestly, I don't see how laying in the sun in the winter months could ever get old. I wish I could transplant everything I know and love about the east coast here.


The screeching and scratching of the drills at the dentist office make me cringe. The dentist often asks if I'm okay, thinking I'm in pain. The noise is like nails over a chalk board to me. EEEEK!

This morning, while under the drill, I realized some of the sounds reminded me of R2D2. So envisioned him getting fussed at by C3P0.  Thinking about C3PO's perpetually flexed elbows further entertained me.

So, then I get home with my face still numb.  This includes my nose and my eye. I've had my eye go to sleep before while at the dentist (which freaked me out because I thought I had nerve damage!), but never my nose. It's a weird feeling. Anyway, I digress.  I got home to see this post by A Girl Named Leney.

Do you remember this post about A Girl Named Leney's Hair Cuttery Giveaway last week?  Well...I WON!  I am so excited!  My hair is in desperate need of some love and attention.  The Best Man, who had always loved my long hair, mentioned he had been looking at old pictures and said I need to get my hair cut again because the short cut did look good.  Now, I'm in that in between stage. I miss having loads to do with my long hair. Mainly find a different way to braid it on Pinterest every day. But, the short cut is so much easier to take care of and has a lot more sass.

Pretty bad, huh? So, my baby blues couldn't handle the sunlight, even though it was coming from behind. And my face is still numb from the dentist. I decided a funny face would work best to disguise these two flaws.  Did it work? No? I didn't think so either, but it was worth a try? 

The funny thing is. I've had two patients in the past week or so compliment me on my hair. When it was up in a pony tail. Both dead serious. "You hair looks lovely! Do you go to the beauty shop?" and "Your hair is pretty. I can say these things because I am old" said an 80 something year old after already having complemented my baby blues. 

Will post pictures after I get my new 'do! Until then, I'm going to enjoy my oreo milkshake in prep for A Girl Named Leney's arrival and because my face is still numb and I'm hungry! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The best parts of my day

I got off work early. By early I mean EARLY. I only worked a half day. The sun was hiding, so I made a beeline for the bed and turned myself into a burrito with the sheets and covers.

I had a lovely nap, half asleep listening to the waves break.  Then My Kid Brother called and I got to chat and giggle and plan with him.  My Kid Brother and A Girl Named Leney will be visiting. In. Ten. Days. Let the planning continue!

I am coming to the startling realization that I may like back scratches better than massages. The Best Man devotes a handful of seconds a day to this. If I were a dog he'd be bruised by my enthusiastic tail wagging. The great thing about getting a good back scratch is that though I want more, I am more satisfied than with a "massage" of the same duration.

In other news. Just. Now. Realized. Our first full marathon is TWO weeks from today. Crap.

Addendum: The Best Man just gave me such a good back scratch that I face planted on my key board and closed all my windows. True Story.