Saturday, June 13, 2009


In the past month and a half:
- The Best Man moved down to SC.
-An OT Student...excuse me, Student OT moved in with me for the summer.
-Two couples got married: one in Greenville, SC and one in NoVA.
-I got "put in time out" at work as I like to call it and am now on the cancer floor instead of the Ortho floor.
-I went to the beach for a long weekend over Memorial Day and got a bad sun burn. Believe it or not, I've just started peeling in the past week or two.
-I've been going to PT and recently started running on the treadmill with increased mentation to do so.
-Currently in VA for my Granny's 88th birthday! Go, Granny! :D
-I've started making earrings and have become quite good at it.
-Sam and I have learned to make sushi. Everyone is mad impressed. You should be too.
-I've gotten hooked on the Twilight series.

Next up:
-Learning to swing dance.
-Learning to shag.
-Astronomy lessons.
-Learning to live in the same town as the Best Man and find time to update my blog. . .
-Beach trip for a week in Obx at the end of the month.
-Summer trips:
  • hiking
  • Charleston/Savannah
  • "staycation" in Greenville doing nothing at all.
-4 more weddings to attend this year, in 3 states:
  • Boone, NC
  • NoVa x2
  • San Antonio, TX


WanderingGirl said...

Ha ha on the student OT bit!

And do tell on the Time Out business. I must hear this story!

Glad you're doing so much fun stuff! Sounds like you've got quite a summer planned. Oh, and I look quite good in earrings. Just sayin'. And keep working those sushi skills. Septembers looking like an excellent time for me to be in Greenville!

KrissyMiss said...

Put in an order for earrings and I'll add it to my list :) Color, style, etc?

Sept sounds weddings to attend that month and will have an extra room waiting for you two! :)