Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Weekend

I know the rest of you don't want to hear that four letter "s" word again anytime soon. No, not that one, the one that ends in a "w."

We had our first s**w fall down here last night and the town was in a frenzy trying to prepare for the 3 to 4 inches we got. I was so excited because we've only had one weekend of ice. No real s**w until yesterday! Wahoo! Well, the sun is brightly shining today, so most of it is already gone. Sadly, I did not get to play in it. But nevertheless, it was still exciting.

Today is The Southern Belle's birthday. She is one of my closest friends at work. She keeps me sane and she lets me rant and rave to my hearts content. The Southern Belle is a SC native. She is classy and smart. And today is her birthday! We are going to celebrate by dinner at a nice restaurant prior to going to her favourite Irish pub. We will see where the night takes us from there.

Tomorrow the two of us are going to see "Valentine's Day." Cheesy? Yes. Necessary? Another yes.

Here's to a fun girls weekend! It's always nice to have good girl friends around when you need them!

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