Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Life has caught up with me again. I'm running full speed, trying to get it all done and enjoy it at the same time. I have 7 more work days left, before having dental surgery, packing up and driving (hopefully not too drugged up) to NC.

I will begin my traveling career with an assignment in Morehead City, NC, on the coooassst!. We will be living in Emerald Isle, which is also on the coast, a short drive away.

I've been busy trying to purge all the material stuff I don't need. I can't count how many trips to Goodwill the BM and I have made! There is still too much stuff left! We are hoping to sell some furniture, the washer and dryer, etc. I hope to get some more things packed over the next few days so come surgery time my car will be all packed up! I've also got lots of jewelry making to do. Several nurses on the floor are asking for earrings before I leave. Also, I've had a request on my site today for 5 pairs of bridesmaids earrings- from someone I don't know (this is a first!).

I must get cracking!

Hopefully, I'll be chill enough and not running around crazy when I get to the beach that I will be able to update more. But, its also likely I'll be busy playing in the sun and sand!

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