Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Job

Did I mention I got a new job?  I have been moping around the past two months with "nothing to do." That all changes this week.

I will be working weekends (Fri - Sun) in San Clemente, CA.  I get every 7th Sat-Sun off.  And I get paid more to work on the weekend.  I also have the opportunity to pick up shifts during the week.  This means we will be staying in SoCal for an undefined amount of time.  I will have 3-4 days off during the week to play and explore and every other month or so, I will get 6 days off in a row. I am excited because The Best Man and I will still be able to explore, but will be forced to stay put and save up money to one day buy a home.

One of the things I am most excited about is getting a bigger apartment with our own furniture.  I haven't had my own furniture since leaving Greenville, SC in 2010.  I am excited to get a few nice pieces and a few fixer-uppers.  Something else to be excited about is the weather. It can get cold at night (think 30's), but really it's not that bad while the sun is up.  I can't wait to experience summer here this year!

A special shout out to The Crazy Cat Lady for giving me a stellar reference! You are greatly appreciated!


WanderingGirl said...

No charge. I am so excited to see the new furniture! I remember how excited I was to go furniture shopping when I landed permanently in VA... so fun!

Kristen E said...

Riding out the lease here until the end of May...if we can last that long. Then hopefully getting an unfurnished place to decorate!