Sunday, March 30, 2008

The light at the end of the tunnel

With graduation fast approaching, I've decided to begin blogging on the events leading up to and following what I like to call "the start of my life." So, with one phase of my life coming to a close and another on the horizon, I'm ditching the ol' LJ for a clean (and more mature) slate.

I wasn't going to start blogging until I actually moved, but a few things prompted a sooner start. First, I figured why wait when I'm making decisions now that will lead me to "my new start." Second, while hiking yesterday, I met an AT hiker named Faithful. Looking at his blog jogged my interest in starting my own (as well as wanting to hike the whole AT!).

I will begin posting on the job hunt soon.


WanderingGirl said...

Minus 10 for me not being the main inspiration to begin blogging.

Plus 10 for giving me a link on the side!

PS... my word verification is "rppem" which makes me say "rip 'em" which makes me think of farts. Just sayin'.

KrissyMiss said...

I would have mentioned you as an inspiration, but that would have only gone to your head! Also, I don't want to always look like I'm tagging along in less trendy shoes!

The CEO said...

Plus 50 when you break free and fly independent of "The Teacher". I should know, I was one. My word verification is tniun, short for titanium, which Tiff made me out of. Time fr the Twilight Zone music.