Monday, November 24, 2008


It's unfortunate how a person's decision can affect another's life. Today, I went to the dentist for the first time since middle school. As a middle schooler, I didn't decide not to go to the dentist anymore. My mom thought dental insurance wasn't important. Sure, I got fliers in grad school for cheap dental insurance, but I didn't trust them. Instead of paying for my own insurance,going to free clinics, or having the hot dental students work on my teeth I waited it out until I got my own. Since September first I've had insurance. I stalled. It took me a while to get motivated to pick a dentist and make the call. The Best Man hounded me into making the call. The list of things I need sounds something like a certain Christmas tune. . .
3 fillings
2 crowns
1 dental implant

Oh, and it probably goes without saying, but I cried. I was so embarrassed at the state of my teeth and overwhelmed at the laundry list of things that need to get done. If I had been going to the dentist regularly the past 12 or so years most of this could have been prevented. Oh, well. I'm here for a reason and now it's time to make appointment after appointment to cross items off the above list. Wish me luck!


WanderingGirl said...

SHIT! Son of beech! Sheet!

Oh well, best that they didn't recommend pulling them all out, at least! Good luck!

KrissyMiss said...

That's true. I could be a mouthful of gums right now. Thanks!