Monday, March 30, 2009

Mega Update

I went home this past weekend for my kid brothers birthday. Ok, so he's not a kid and I can't call him "my little brother" either. He's over 6 feet tall and he just turned 20. We went to Fridays for lunch on Saturday, then had a surprise party on Sunday afternoon. The highlight of my weekend was getting to see 1 of my 2 nephews. He will be 3 next week. 2009 is the year of the "why?"s. I can't tell you how many times he would follow up the answer to a question with another "why?" I do love his blue, blue eyes. Next Monday is my mom's 50th... then the following weekend is my sisters 25th. Only milestone birthdays this year, please. More to come on the birthdays over the next two weeks. . . Speaking of...mine is in just over a month! Holla back!

My real crown has been made and is hanging out at the dentist's office until Wednesday when I got to get it glued on. Most likely they will have to drill off the fake temp after having to use super-de-duper glue after it fell off initially. Not looking forward to that...but at least I can eat on that side of my mouth again. Next up, crown number two.

I've been taking anti-inflammatories and not running since the last week of January. No relief. Yeah, sure it's better with walking at work. However, I remain unable to do a real weight bearing workout. Summer is coming up people, this is a big deal! I went back to the doc. Talk of instability. Really? Did I mention I had a 3rd degree sprain in high school? Oh wait, I put that on my intake form. MRI is scheduled for tomorrow. Current discussion of a walking cast x 1 month and/or surgery to rough up the joint space. The idea of this is to cause scar tissue to form and hold that joint tighter. Doesn't sound very thrilling or even promising to me. What do you think, TK? Personally, I'm down for a manipulation, taping, exercises, an orthotic, anything but surgery.

The Best Man moves down here 1 month from today!!! All smiles here! (well, except that I'll have to give back some of his furniture!) :D

The current stack of books I'm trying to make my way through includes but is not limited to the following:
  1. An Imperfect God: George Washington, his slaves, and the creation of America- Henry Weincek. 1/5 of the way through this book.
  2. Last Chance Saloon- Marian Keyes. Have previous read Watermelon which was know, I love chic lit.
  3. The Secret Code of Success- Noah St. John. I some how ended up with this book after purchasing several others. Have yet to crack it.
  4. The Secret Foundation of America- Nicholas Hagger. I have a secret crush on the founding fathers of America.
  5. Killer Cocktail- Sheryl J. Anderson. Apparently this is a sequel. Must make time to get my hands on the first book. Another chic lit novel.
  6. Beyond Codependency- Melody Beattie- Self-helpish book. Apparently this author knows her stuff.
  7. Twilight- Stephenie Meyer. KO made me watch the movie this weekend. Despite missing the first half because the two boys present were teasing us, I loved it. Don't you dare judge me. You people have worse obsessions than this.
So far, and we're barely into spring here, people, I have 5 weddings potentially to attend this year.
2 in VA
1 in NC
1 in SC
1 in TX
I hope to hear of a few engagements this year to spice of the wedding scene for next year. Any takers? Hmm?

That's a wrap people. Hope you enjoyed it!

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WanderingGirl said...

Boo! No surgery! I definitely vote for orthotics or a cam boot before you contemplate anything else. And seriously? You should cough it up for a pair of Danskos. You need a stiff, hard-soled shoe to keep that fracture from flexing as you walk around the hospital.

I can't wait to see you... and I didn't know meeting the Best Man was part of the deal! Whoo hoo!