Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Toothless grin

Today, I continued the beautification of my mouth.

After getting several cavaties filled over the past few months, I've moved on to crowns.

Yes, that's plural.

I started numero uno today.

The first step of this process is drilling in my mouth while I'm not completely numb, hacking away at my rotten tooth and cementing plastic on top for the next few weeks while someone gets paid way too little to carve a new tooth for me.

I know they don't get paid a lot because a friend of mine back home does it. It sounds like a spectacular amount of money per tooth until you break down the amount of hours it takes to cast molds and carve out a single, little tooth.

Now, let's just hope this lil piece of plastic stays on until the real deal is made.

Oh, and p.s...did I mention a certain Best Man may be moving down here in the next few months? Might have slipped my mind. . .



WanderingGirl said...

You filthy bitch. No, you completely failed to mention the possible relocation of the Best Man. How cool is that!

I hope your teeth are fixed by then. I mean, nobody wants their girlfriends fake tooth to fall out in his mouth!

Sam said...

hahahahhahaha! :-)