Friday, April 16, 2010

Things not to do today

Top 5, in order of least importance to most:

5. Do not make out in broad daylight in the parking lot of your apartment if you are in your early to mid 30's.
4. Do not let brain mets be an excuse for your relative or loved one to behave atrociously to health care workers. DO apologize on their behalf.
3. Do not spend all your time indoors. Make sure to spend a little time outside. Collect some freckles.
2. Do not forget to reach out to those around you. You will be surprised at how one kind thought or action turns into another.
1. Do not forget to send kind words, thoughts, and/or prayers to The Hokie Nation.


WanderingGirl said...

#5: Don't you judge me.

At least I kept my gum to myself.

The end.

Steven said...

I would like to extend #5 to 30+ year old people making out on the dance floor.

That's just gross.