Wednesday, August 25, 2010

North Carolina

Phew, that flew by! I'm already done with my four weeks of working here in North Carolina. I now have the next three weeks to attempt to relax while living here. Most of this time will be spent catching up on wedding planning (flowers, photos, music, all the big stuff) and scrapbooking. I'm finishing throwing together my high school scrap book. I'm almost done and then it's on to making a "VCU" book as well as a "Greenville" book before making a vacation book and then finally a "traveling PT" book. I also have scarves to finish and earrings to make. Lots and lots of busy work.

My crazy cat lady former CI and her husband came to visit this past weekend. We had some tasty food and some relaxing times on the beach, as well as good conversation. Can't beat that! Later this week, some old friends will be coming for a visit, then early next week we are back to VA for an doctors appointment and then family time in Richmond and Arlington prior to heading to MD for the first VT football game of the season on Labor Day. Then, its back down here for a few days until more visitors arrive. Then we will be packing everything up and heading back to VA to live.

Don't ask me where. Don't ask me how long. I have no clue. Details to follow as they are made known to me. At this point I'm busy with phone interviews and dreaming up honeymoon plans! :)

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