Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cliff dwellings and fauna sightings

We spent the afternoon exploring Mesa Verde, a National Park with hundreds of ancient dwellings ranging from pit houses to cliff dwellings.  We were taken back in time as we explored these small villages that cling to alcoves in the rock face.  We got to climb huge ladders and even crawl through a tunnel (The Best Man barely made it through!). There are many mysteries and holes in the knowledge about these cliff dwelling people.  However, they are able to date many of the dwellings, tell what they ate, how they built their homes and much more from the archealogical work they do in the park.  It was really interesting to hear about this culture and the communities this area of the country.

This is where we had our best spotting of wild life.  Shortly after entering the park, we spied a mama bear and her two cubs crossing the road.  We were able to stop and frantically snap a few pictures before they scampered off.  Perfect way to spot a bear if you ask me.  From the car!  We saw about 7 deer in total throughout the day, as well as 4-5 turkey, many bunnies and birds.  Tomorrow we are taking a winding route through the 4 corners, Monument Valley and maybe Antelope Canyon.

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