Sunday, September 2, 2012

Everything's Bigger in Texas

So, we lived in Texas for almost 8 months.  The basic run down is as follows:
- Loved the food (I really can't believe I ever liked the "Mexican" food I've eaten in Virginia all my life), co-workers, and job (until it got too busy)
- Lived in Downtown Fort Worth, hardly used the car except to go to work or travel out of town.
- Got back into running, ran several 10ks, a couple 5ks, and two 1/2 marathons.  I am now planning to run my first full marathon this spring in California.  More on that another time.
- Actually started catching up on my scrap booking.  Be on the look out for some extra pictures in the mail soon.  Okay, not soon, but maybe sometime this year.  

Run down on Texans:
- Very Texas-centric- to the point that most couldn't understand why I would ever leave.  Here's a (not very well kept) secret: there are 49 other states in this beautiful country.  I want to see them all. You should too. Many of the locals and some transplants from states close by think certain thoughts, trends or what have you are normal and the rest of the country MUST do/think the same.  For example, chicken tenders are served with gravy.  Now, I've never been a fan of gravy, but coming from Virginia, it makes sense to me to have biscuits with gravy.  But chicken tenders?  With gravy?  Why?  To me, the only thing I eat with chicken tenders is honey mustard. Just because I prefer chicken tenders with honey mustard does not mean I emphatically believe everyone else must agree.  For example, The Best Man would prefer BBQ or ranch with his tenders.  In Texas, no one can comprehend that the rest of the country may eat chicken tenders with a different condiment.  In contrast, several co-workers didn't believe that the large chain Texas Roadhouse could be anywhere other than in Texas. 
- Friendly, talkative.
- Many carry guns.  It was unnerving the number of times we ran across signs that read "We don't call 911" with a gun hanging below. Sick sense of humor if you ask me.

Overall, we really enjoyed Texas and all the wonderful people we met while there.  But, we could not delay our quest to reach the West Coast any longer.  We are in the process of moving to Southern California.

For the next 3 weeks we will be slowly making our way from Texas to California.  Stay tuned for more posts and pictures to come. 

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