Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gearing up for vacation

My Kid Brother and A Girl Named Leney will start making their long journey here in just over 4 hours. My Sassy is driving them from Richmond to D.C. at 1 PM EST.  They will then catch a flight to us here in SoCal. The Best Man and I will play tour guide for a WEEK!

This week will be spent walking on sandy beaches, toasting in wine country, beading for the girls and surfing for the boys, gazing at the animals at the San Diego Zoo, strolling down numerous piers, perhaps riding a feris wheel, enjoying sunsets, touring LA, hopefully spotting a celeb or two- just to name a few things.

So excited!

 Oh, and The Best Man and I may or may not be running the LA Marathon on St. Patty's Day.


A Girl Named Leney said...

This makes me miss it so much!
Beading is definitely a must next time....


Kristen E said...

SoCal misses you. Will definitely make more time for knitting, beading, all things crafty and relaxing next time!