Sunday, March 3, 2013

The best parts of my day

I got off work early. By early I mean EARLY. I only worked a half day. The sun was hiding, so I made a beeline for the bed and turned myself into a burrito with the sheets and covers.

I had a lovely nap, half asleep listening to the waves break.  Then My Kid Brother called and I got to chat and giggle and plan with him.  My Kid Brother and A Girl Named Leney will be visiting. In. Ten. Days. Let the planning continue!

I am coming to the startling realization that I may like back scratches better than massages. The Best Man devotes a handful of seconds a day to this. If I were a dog he'd be bruised by my enthusiastic tail wagging. The great thing about getting a good back scratch is that though I want more, I am more satisfied than with a "massage" of the same duration.

In other news. Just. Now. Realized. Our first full marathon is TWO weeks from today. Crap.

Addendum: The Best Man just gave me such a good back scratch that I face planted on my key board and closed all my windows. True Story. 

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