Thursday, May 29, 2008


You can call me a loser, or a teeny bopper, or a fanatic, but I'd prefer fan.

I missed Grey's Anatomy last week. I did try to watch it even though I was out of the country, but they didn't have the station. I would have attempted to watch it in Spanish with or without subtitles if I could have. Although, that would have been tricky and moderately frustrating due to my limited Spanish.

I watched the first hour yesterday at lunch and the second last night. Only after looking up tonight's scheduled programing on did I find out that it was the season finale! Then I kicked myself for not realizing why it was so amazing and there were sooo many things tied up!

Man. It was amazing. Le sigh. I will not say anything else for fear of spoiling it for some other poor soul who missed it due to being out the country or some other misfortunate event.

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