Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Oh, Please Fate stay with me, and guide me along my way"

After my onsite interview in Greenville I got a call from Charlotte saying that the position I was interested in had already been filled. I saw this as a sign, to help me decide that yes, I did want to be in Greenville.

Last night, my voice mail became so full that it would no longer take new messages and I finally broke down and deleted new messages (Mom, Mom, and Mom) and old ones that no longer mattered (Recruiter, recruiter, recruiter). One of the new messages was from the recruiter from Charlotte. She said that the position was now open again and was I interested? I think the fact that the position was "filled" long enough for me to make my decision to go w/ Greenville, just shows Someone had a helping hand in this. Personally, I would have taken ages to decide on my own which place was the one for me...and then I would have come to the same conclusion, but with a lot more hassle.


In other news: I'm having a blast shopping online at Target! I've made a wish list for my birthday/graduation- so, buy me pretty things already!

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Sam said...

Can't help if we can't see your wishlist! Link plz? :-)