Friday, September 26, 2008

San Francisco: Day 2

San Fran was MUCH colder than I expected. I mean, this is the west coast we are talking about! It is supposed to be warm! Right? Well, the previous day ended up being warm in Napa Valley, so I thought I'd be fine with my sun dress and a sweater. I ended up having to buy an over priced ($60!) pair of Levi's to put under my sun dress to keep warm. We spent the morning riding the trolley, exploring Fisherman's wharf and window shopping. There was a National Park on the bay, which was pretty cool. Below is a picture of me as a feisty, captain of a ship! Aaarg!

After a lunch of fish and chips with a great view, we checked out Lombardy Street. We got a few decent pictures of it. On our way to check out the Golden Gate we saw a LONG line of tourists waiting to drive down this famous street.

Next, we drove over the Golden Gate for the second time. We went to a cool overlook spot that The Best Man had found the day before I got there. We had spectacular views (despite the fog and wind) with only a few other people.

Then, we drove and drove for at least an hour to get to the Pacific. Below is a picture of the first time my piglets ever touched the Pacific Ocean! Not only was it cold, but it was also contaminated! This was as far as I went in! Afterwards we found a dive of a restaurant for dinner. It looked somewhat questionaable from the outside, but we ended up being pleasantly surprised. We came back and took a bit of a nap, then drank some wine and chatted and ended up getting some really good Indian food from across the street.

That was our trip via pictures. Sorry it took so long to post on the second day. I was busy catching up Grey's Season 4 before the new season started this week (it was spectacular by the way!).

Ps. I'd like to mention that TK has officially gotten me hooked on box wine. The good kind, not the shaddy kind. I do have to agree that the only down fall is not knowing when it will run dry.

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