Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spending money to save money

Spending a lot of dough eventually means I'll save some in the long run. My lucky day was today. I found a pair of boots for $60 off! Original price: $80, "Sale" price: $20. I use "quotes" because apparently it was a mistake; the new boots were not actually on sale. The lady at the register was not pleased at my "deal." When peeking inside the shoe box (to make sure I didn't steal anything), she exclaimed, "My daughter would LOVE to get THESE boots for TWENTY dollars!" Hey, I didn't make it up, lady, that's what the tag said!

My second money saving event of the day involved pesto. I had some pasta noodles left over. I've been trying all week to find some pesto to put on the pasta. The small Publix on my way home from work, Super BI-lo and Walmart do not carry pesto. Some of the workers even asked what it was! Crossing my fingers, I drove to Whole Foods as a last, expensive resort. Of course it was twice as expensive as it would have been if the other stores had carried it. When the girl tried to ring it up (that was the only thing I planned to purchase), it wouldn't scan. I told her this was the 3rd place I'd tried (3rd today, 4th over all). She then said, "It's not ringing up, that's a big zero." Then, she filled out a form and gave me the six dollar pesto for free. I don't know if it was the fact that it was organic or free that made this pesto taste better than my usual 3 dolla variety. Dinner never tasted so good!


Kelly said...

I can never find pesto either. I've resorted to just making it when I want pesto, though it is quite delicious when I do!

KrissyMiss said...

A co-worker told me to find it in the pasta isle. But that kinda creeps me out that its not cold. Do you have a good (and inexpensive) recipe?