Monday, September 21, 2009

Hot diggity!

This summer I made the switch from beef hotdogs to turkey dogs. The Best Man's favourite beef hotdog brand is Nathan's. All beef dogs, especially the "jumbo" variety can run close to 200 calories. The turkey dogs I've grown to eat over the past few months are closer to 45 calories per dog. I figured if I could make the switch from beef to turkey- how hard could it be to switch to veggie?

Very hard indeed. Calories aside (80 per dog, almost twice my turkey dogs), these dogs are a no go. Besides looking strange (more orange than the pink of a beef dog and the white of a turkey dog), these veggie dogs did not taste...well, like meat. I tried them with melted cheddar and american on top, before dipping them in a swirl of ketchup and dijon mustard. Then, I tried eating them with a mouthful of beans. These were not just any beans. The only beans I buy are Bush's. You know, the kind with the maple syrup and bacon? Oh yeah, nothing but The Best. Taking a bite of these babies along with a bit of the veggie dog seemed to help. I can only guess this had something to do with the taste of bacon. Needless to say, once I've eaten the rest of the package, I'll be going back to my trusty turkey dogs.

For those of you whom can't forgo your beef in order to partake of the wonders of turkey, you are certainly missing out. Ground turkey makes a great subtitute for beef in tacos and burgers. Turkey bacon is much less greasy and fatty than the real bacon. I really enjoy this when I'm craving bacon and actually like it much more (so does my stomach and arteries!). Veggie bacon can also work in a pinch, but is not as good as turkey bacon, however much better than a turkey dog. Give it a try!


WanderingGirl said...

Dude, I went vegan for a month once on a bet. I did it, and I actually found some vegi/vegan food I like, and still continue to eat. But seriously, vegi-dogs and tofurkey? Vegitarians and vegans are so far removed from eating meat that there's no way they even REMEMBER what it tastes like. And why are they so obsessed with making veggies taste like meat anyway? I don't want my bacon to taste like celery. Let it go.

Rant over.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I am with you. Veggie dogs are gross - I remember unwittingly grabbing them in the buffet line in college and being terribly disappointed. Turkey is great though - Turkey burgers are awesome.