Monday, September 14, 2009

Shop-a-holic and Coca-Cola Icee

As if I didn't have enough trouble staying clear of Target (where I can easily blow $75 each time I go...even if it's on two consecutive days)- I've now discovered Target has a Coca-Cola Icee.

This lovely state of South Carolina does not have 711's. This means no Slurpee's. Thus, this Coke Icee is the next best thing.

I did discover a little known shop-a-holic saving secret. If you have as much trouble sticking to your shopping list as I do, try this little trick: Buy your favourite iced drink at your first stop and leave it in the car. This will ensure that you only have time to pop in and out of the shops and stick to your shopping list- otherwise, your drink melts in the car!

Now, I have another dilemma. I've recently cut out drinking sodas. Why do I think it's okay to drink a Coke Icee? Is that not a frozen soda?

Ps. We are going to Nashville, TN this weekend! Wahoo!


WanderingGirl said...

Not a soda. It falls into the "Iced Drink" category, much like a frappucino does not count as a coffee. Creative accounting, my friend, creative accounting.

KrissyMiss said...

I was never too good at accounting. This logic is similar to my thinking it's okay to eat The Best Man's icecream because I didn't buy my own cone. Much less calories that way, you see.

Steven said...

You need help.

The other day, I visited 4 Targets trying to find a particular portable grill that was on sale (for tailgating!). I thought to myself, "Kristen would be proud."