Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dreaming of Aloha

I'm starting to scheme up ideas for my 30th birthday trip + 2nd anniversary trip. Doesn't everyone go on a trip for their 30th?  Isn't that a thing? If not, it most definitely should be and would someone please tell The Best Man it's a thing? 

I haven't decided if it was a good idea or a bad idea to get married two weeks after my birthday. Now for the rest of my life I will be trying to convince The Best Man that these are two separate holidays and need two sets of presents and/or trips.  Hmm, sounds materialistic.  Oh well.

So, I want to go to Hawaii. I should have some time off by May. I get every 7th weekend off, but still have to work every Friday. I'm hoping I can use some PTO (I don't start accruing PTO for another two weeks) and take a 8-9 day vacation. 

Now the trouble is to first get the time off, then to have the money for this trip. We have started saving, but other things have come up to ruin the fun. I broke my implant (tooth) while comping on some popcorn. If you've never seen me eat popcorn, please, lets keep it that way.  It's not a pretty sight. Another problem is that I have to stop spending money in other places in order to have the funds for this trip. Hawaii seems like a good motivating factor, but I need new bathing suits and sun dresses...and sunglasses... 

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