Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The details

The flight from Charlotte to Greenville, SC was only 15 minutes. Well, 15 minutes actually in the air. All the pomp and circumstance actually takes longer than that. The pilots couldn't have been older than me. Finally, had a "hot" flight attendant that meet the stereotypes I gained somewhere along the way. I sat next to an OBGYN and we chatted about where we lived and what we do or what I want to do anyway. He's from some island "near the southern tip of Georgia." He said he'd like to move up here, but his wife would be too cold. I found this funny as everyone in VA is telling me that I'll burn up (plus, they say I'll get an accent, can ya'll believe that?).

I went for a run down Main St. last night. There are trendy shops, galleries, restaurants, and bars all over the place. Everything looks brand new. It's all so clean. The streets are made of brick/stone and in the middle of town it looks as if you can stroll down the middle of the street- which could be bad because several times I almost ran down the "sidewalk" then noticed cars passing.

Then, I got to the park. Absolutely amazing. I really can't describe how cool this place is with words. Basically, there is a river and waterfalls in the middle of the city. It blew me away. I felt safe running through this huge park even at 9 PM. Quiet impressive.

I had my interview this morning. Needless to say, I was shy. However, I think it went well. Everything looked brand spankin new here as well. The staff seemed friendly enough too. I will hear from the director tomorrow. I'm really excited!

After the interview, I explored the town a little. Walking, I got to see a lot more than I had on my run last night. There were some really cute shops, several expensive shops, a few grandma type shops, a shoe store, and a couple jewelry stores. Man, I love shopping. It was all I could do not to buy anything. Having to put the rental car on my debit card was the only thing that held me back! They put a 300 hold on my card! How crazy is that? I guess I should have expected that since it was a several thousand dollar CAR afterall. Oh, well. At least it kept the shopping bug at bay!

Lunch consisted of sushi. Great stuff. I do realize I'm several hours from any fresh fish, which is quiet a bummer. They say, "Greenville is close to everything and next to nothing." It's 2-4 hours from Charlotte, Atlanta, Charleston and Columbia. It's also a quick drive to the mountains and a little bit farther from the beach. If I end up here, I think that's what I'll miss the most- being able to hit up the sun and sand on a whim.

Then, I went to another park. It is MUCH bigger, but not nearly as pretty and maintained. It does, however, have a TON of trails. There were a ton of runners enjoying the warm afternoon sun. Instead of changing into my running shoes, I took a much needed nap on a bench under a tree. The result: the first few freckles of the spring!

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Anonymous said...

Sooo excited about your offer AND that you love this town so much! Also... I think everyone should know Krissy had a beer with her sushi, which means she's a closet beer lover, which means, friends, that my converting job is done :)