Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The questions

I had my phone interview w/ Charlotte this morning. It went really well. I spoke to one of the directors for an hour. She painted me a very through picture of their facility and how they run things down there. This position would be a huge challenge for me, but I'd learn TONS and TONS!

Just got off the phone from the second interview, Charleston. I only got to speak to the HR rep for 15 minutes. She told me the base salary. Sounds pretty cut and dry. A director will call me back this afternoon. I hope to get more information from her.

Man, interviewing makes my armpits sweat! Time to reapply deodorant and sit around waiting for round two of this interview!

Update: directors are much easier to talk to than HR staff! The Best Man says this is because my personality is closer to the director staff than an HR person. BUT, she did tell me that they are interviewing several people, which I didn't need to hear :-P

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