Saturday, April 19, 2008

The nerd brigade

Boards review class is this weekend. It was from 8ish to 5:15 today and will be 8:30 til 4 tomorrow. It's torture! But, the good thing is that it just may be the trick to scare me into studying!

ALL of my classmates have jobs lined up already. Okay, so not all, but a decent number of them do. Of course, this is taking a sample out of the other nerds whom are taking the review class. They are reassuring me that, yes, it is awesome that I'm moving away. One of the girls' bf's actually lives in Greenville (if that is actually where I do decide to go). So, it's nice to know that they've made their relationship work over the past few years while being so far apart. Also, maybe I could have one acquaintance in that lil town?

I hope to get a life once my last clinical is over (and boards are taken) and will thus be able to write about more exciting things. Did I mention The Best Man is taking me to Cozumel, Mexico for graduation??? :D

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