Thursday, April 24, 2008

The nerve of him!

How often do you hear a pain management doc say that their patient is a wuss and a slacker? How about telling the therapist to "kick the patients ***"???

Strike that. What I meant was STUDENT. I was reamed out for treating his patient. "STUDENT? Why is a STUDENT seeing MY patient? This is a workers comp patient, documentation is very important for reimbursement!!" "Because I'm doing my LAST clinical rotation before I graduate NEXT month." I wanted to add that I have superior documentation skills and that he's only a D.O. for crying out loud. I also wanted to mention that he would have known I, a student, was treating his patient if he had read the progress note that he signed last week. Instead, I hung up the phone and cried.


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WanderingGirl said...

Perhaps it's best to tell him that you're working under the direct supervision of your CI, a licensed therapist, and that it's very legal. In fact, your CI must cosign your documentation and it's HER license ultimately on the line. Therefore, it's in her best interest to make sure you're doing the best job possible, so he really has nothing to worry about.

Then point out the thing about signing documents he clearly hadn't read, or he would have known this a while back.