Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't you hate lying?

Nervous Woman on Airplane: Don't you just hate flying?
Annie Reed: Yes, I do, and I just told the most terrible one to the man I'm about to marry. Do you feel that any lie is a betrayal?
Nervous Woman on Airplane: I said FLYING.

Man, what a spectacular movie!

So, I lied. I vowed that I would go out in public, even by myself, so I did. Thursdays and Fridays there are free concerts downtown. So I gave it a shot.

I have this really bad habit that if I make eye contact with someone by accident (while I'm people watching) I keep looking back to see if they think I'm still looking. Well, guess what they keep noticing me and I keep noticing them. This happened with two people tonight. Here's where my lie comes in:

1) An olderish, trying to be younger woman on a date. She just thought I was weird.
2) A mid-to-late-at-least-10-years-older-than-me-man-wearing- tallish-black-socks- with-shorts.
He did not think I was weird.
"Are you waiting for someone?" (As I reached into my purse to call The Best Man)
(Who could I be waiting for in a town where I don't know a soul?)
"Oh. . . What time is it?"
"Almost 7:30."

Then I called The Best Man to chat with him on his first leg of his 3 MONTH long road trip. And I left.

Meeting people is hard when you are painfully shy, taken, and piiiicky.

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