Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Orientation: Day 2

Today was much more boring. There were less speakers than yesterday, which meant we had to listen to the same few people talk ALL day. Here are a few highlights:

From the older black woman on risk management: "We had this woman about to walk up the escalator and two ceiling tiles fell on her head. Lucky for us she had thick hair and all I had to do was pay for her to go to the beauty shop."

From the 5 foot 2, self-proclaimed "little man with a little power" and thick rimmed Clark Kent like glasses on security: "When you leave work at night, I want you to take off your name tag, put it deep in your pocket, and be the meanest SOB around! I mean it! If someone asks you for money say 'Get a job! I did!'" aaaand...

When describing himself and his position ("The Security Guy"): "I am the scrawny, geeky guy with the thick glasses and pocket protector that you picked on in high school. Now, I'm back to haunt you. I'm here to make sure every little thing is in line. I'm here to catch you doing things incorrectly. When little men, get a little power...it's a scary thing!"

Another highlight, which I did not think was funny (unlike the two speakers above who had me in stitches the whole time): When a non-PT, non-health care provider presented the section on back injury prevention. Man, I get frustrated just thinking about it. It was all I could do not to shout out things she was saying incorrectly or missing on the slides.

On a brighter note, I'm going out for Mexican tomorrow with the pharmacist and his pharmacist wife. :) Yuuum!

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