Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I moped around for the first part of my LAST shift EVER at the Y today. I had to tell a lot of the patrons I've known since I was a kid that today was my last day. It was all rather anticlimatic- well besides a few guards aknowleding that I was leaving and a slow clap from Peter. I moped right up until I saw my boss, Drew, who said "Thanks for everything, I've got to run, sorry I'm missing tonights festivities."


"Yeah. For you tonight."

Hmm...I don't think I was supposed to know about that.

So, the ol' Y crew pulled through and had a lil going away shin dig for me! Complete with a Ukrop's cake (the best ever), balloons and a card. I kinda wish I had actually been surprised about it. But, on the other hand, I would have kept on moping until it was time for cake. Speaking of cake, I've got a ton left over if there are any takers!

In other news, I've been studying. I've been studying until I can't study any more- which sometimes is surprisingly quick. Some of this lack of attention has to do with people watching. I've recently taken up recidence in B&N for some good studying and people watching. There are several regulars that I've come to expect on a nightly basis:

1) The Barista Who Flirts With Every Girl who orders from him and even some of the other regulars whom he has come to know. Oh, and did I mention he's dorky and I love that he's social/fliration skills are that of a middle schooler. Seriously though, I think it's endearing.

2) The Old Man Who's Seat YOU Are Sitting In has a specific seat he craves every night. Most nights, I see him sitting a few tables away from this prized seat. He faces the seat and moves closer and closer until it becomes unoccupied and he can snatch it up. One time he, when he saw an employee clearing tables he pointed at the dirty dish on HIS table and said "that's been there for at least half an hour." After the guy cleared the table the Old Man quickly took up residence there. Last night he made a friend with an older woman who was VERY well endowed. They chatted and chatted and I didn't think they'd ever stop. He sat there talking to her and let his table become empty and then occupied again by 3 different groups of people. I was mystified. I kinda wanted the old guys to get together, but sadly no numbers were exchanged only a "I'm sure I'll see you around here again." Tonight, The Old Man was at his table and was caught talking to a man for at least an hour while I was there. They were discussing a language that I did not recognize. I think the Old Man moved here several years ago and knows at least one other language. The man he was talking to tonight kept trying to talk to him and ask how to say this or that and The Old Man would correct him.

3) I have spotted The Cowboy With The Pony Tail the past 3 nights as well. He is always alone. Always with his long, wavy hair in a low pony tail. And always, always wearing a straw cowboy hat. Tonight, he wandered around the store, sometimes browsing, sometimes staring. I can't really hold the staring against him...I was after all staring at him trying to figure him out when I should have been studying.

I wonder, if these people where to give me a name or descriptor or two, what it would be. Girl In the Green Crocs? Girl Who Stares Off Into Space Instead Of Studying?

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