Monday, July 14, 2008

Living out of boxes

The move this past weekend was relatively uneventful mostly due to assistance from The Best Man (I keep wanting to shorten his name, but somehow don't think he'd respond well to BM).

At this point, I have:
1) Studied- not as much as I would have liked.
2) Been living out of boxes secondary to trying to study.
3) Found my way around suberbia.
4) Started learning to cook- I have a sneaky suspicion I may be a decent cook. You know, so long as I have a recipe and a lot of spices- Any good recipes out there?
5) Stolen the internet- shhh, don't tell the guy next door!

I still need to:
1) Buy a LOT of things
2) Take and PASS the test.
3) Unpack
4) Upload pictures of my drive down- which I currently can't do because I don't have my cable to hook up my camera...grrr
5) Head back to VA for the rest of my stuff and for The Best Man's annual birthday camping trip :)

Happy (Early) Birthday, Sammy! :)


Sam said...

Thanks Love! Glad I could help make your move seemingly "uneventful". :-) Study hard!

Sam said...

Thanks so much for the card, and I can go by "Sam", that is better than "BM"(heh).

Rebecca said...

Glad the move went well! Good luck studying and I'll see you this weekend!

WanderingGirl said...

Geeze, and I was so hoping for BM...

Good job on stealing the internet. Now, just don't go stealing his credit!

When's the test?