Tuesday, July 1, 2008

VCU pulled through!

SC officially has my transcript! Only one month after I originally had it sent! I was worried I'd have to hand pick it up and hand deliver it to Columbia when I move next weekend.

Now, there are just 3 things pending:
1) Verification of completed requirements
2) Exam
3) FSBPT, exam approval

I was told I didn't have to submit the form that goes with #1 because I had my official transcripts- I hope they acknowledge this online! #2 & #3 seem redundant to me. I guess it means did I a) take the exam and b) pass the exam?

Who knows...Now if SC would get off the internet and let my call get through I could figure this out! (Seriously, who still has dial-up internet?)

Update: I am an idiot and was calling a fax number. . .

1 comment:

WanderingGirl said...

It wouldn't have surprised me if SC still used dial-up.