Saturday, June 28, 2008

I saved 3 lives today, what did you do?

I traded my blood for oil today. The owner of several Midas of Richmond shops has blood drives every two months. When you give blood you get a free oil change. What could be better than saving 3 lives AND getting a FREE oil change? Not much folks! Especially with how much I have been driving my car recently. Just in time for an oil change. The bad news is the lady didn't get my vein at first. She had to root around in my arm a few times before she got it. I got a little queasy at that point. No fun. Also, the guy who took my history was the most ridiculous flirt ever. He didn't say anything too crazy or racy, but there was moderate flirting being sent my way the whole time. It was to the point where I couldn't look at him and was fidgeting. This was in a blood mobile, so we were in close quarters! He had several tattoos- only one worth mentioning...It looked a little something like this:

"Just keep swimming"

Location: Left triceps

Man, that's hot!

Also of note: my iron was 14.0! That's major for me! I've been turned down a couple of times due to low iron.

Mr. Flirt with Dori Tattoo: What did you eat today? Rusty nails? Your iron is 14.0. That's high for a petite girl. Normally petite girls like you have sucky iron.

Man, was he eloquent!


WanderingGirl said...

Must be all the working out!

Anonymous said...

wow, blood for oil? that's awesome!

Good job on the iron too-- in college my roommate and I would take vitamins the week before just to be ready.