Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dear M1s Studying in Barnes and Noble,

Please, if you are going to socialize (while pretending to study) relocate to a venue where people are not actually studying.

Better yet, why don't you go to class? I know you guys have class from 8-12 just about every day, so why are you in B&N chatting it up instead of attending class?


Note: M1 = first year medical student. I'm not sure if this is just used at VCU or other institutions as well. The number behind the "M" denotes the year, so a fourth and final year med student would be an M4. P3= Pharmacy 3rd year and "D" denotes a dental student. Students of these schools usually tried to insisit we go by PT1-3, but that never caught on. Instead, we simply say "I'm a (insert year) physical therapy student...or student physical therapist as TK would say :)

Another Note: The VCU Medical Campus has not been MCV for years. VCU is what is on my dipolma (both of them actually). Maybe I will rant more on this at a later date if you are lucky.

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WanderingGirl said...

Easy there, SassyPants. You're a DPT before they're MDs. There's a difference. Now, they are very rude "studiers" and should be punished, maybe by announcing you heard one of them had a penicillin script ready at the pharmacy to cure that gonorrhea. Bet they get quiet after that.