Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Ooooh, so you wanna hear about the wedding do ya?

Friday consisted of a girls day in which we got our nails done, lounged around watching bad home makeover shows, did our make-up and ate (Rehersal dinner had fab food!).

Saturday: The big day. Got our hair did early in the morning. I was surprised at not how big my hair was, because let's face it, I always have big hair, but how "long" my hair looked all wound up on top of my head! The bride was beautiful, radiant. The church was gorgeous. The ceremony was really nice. The reception had great music, food and company. Need I say more?

Sunday: Brunch with the bride's parents and their families.

All in all I primped a lot, mingled a lot, and ate a whole lot! What could be more fun?

The Best Man (not of this wedding) and I looking all duded up:

The wedding party jumping, duh, I'm the one with the coolest jump:

Andy, Brett's Best Man, and I being introduced:

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WanderingGirl said...

Okay, the dress looks better with your hair up. Seriously. And I think you have to buy a Toyota if you jump like that. Oh what a feeling!