Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seriously?! I want my Grey's!

Of course KO and St. Mars find a great band that plays weekly at Cafe Diem a few weeks before I leave. These guys play a little of everything- jazz, rap, r&b, rock, you name it. Because I went with a couple I was the odd girl out. I didn't mind though because I was having a great time jammin' to the music.

I had a great time up until some guy made me dance with him. Seriously, no disrespect, I was 90% certain that he was MR. I thought this because of how he spoke, danced and looked. I don't mean how he was dressed, although I was not a fan of being able to see his arm pit hair. His eyes looked vacant, yet giddy to me. That kind of giddiness I see in children with autism when they swim at the Y. Those kids are so at home in the water. It's pretty amazing to see, but that's another story. So I danced with this guy until he tried to take a sip out of MY drink. Then I made KO save me. Did I mention she had been egging this kid on the whole time? So, KO and St. Mars saved me from this kid, or tried to at least. He could tell I was hiding and came looking for me. To make a long story a lil shorter- he pushed KO out of the way. St. Mars was not too happy about this. A few minutes later when the kid went out the door to make a phone call, St. Mars spoke with the bouncer and got the kid kicked out.

Now I was left alone to enjoy the music, no longer having to flail my limbs in weird directions with some young kid. Oh, he wasn't MR by the way. Just ridiculously drunk. Am I naive or just stupid???

Next, KO found some guy she knew. She was freaking out and hugging him when St. Mars came back from the bar. I waited for the guy to get decked until St. Mars smiled and hugged the guy as well. KO finally turned to me and said "He used to live above us!"

Some quick background information: KO & Masters Laur lived in a fan apartment together last year. I was the unofficial third roommate. I studied with them, ran with them, and stayed over most weekends. I was there a lot. I left my Grey's Anatomy Season 1 DVD at their place for a while. We would watch an episode as a study break every now and then. When I looked for it one time KO told me the upstairs neighbors (two boys) had borrowed it. Then the guys moved out. . . AND TOOK MY GREY'S! I have yet to replace this coveted first season even though it is only $20. I keep hoping I'll track them down or someone will realize they should buy it for me.

Needless to say, I bugged the guy for the rest of the night for my Grey's! Unfortunately, he thought I was being cute and wanted to dance and compliment me (by the way, what guy compliments a girls finger nails?). Seriously? Just give me MY DVDs back! He even said he'd give it back if I went on a date with him. He wasn't too impressed when I told him I already had a boyfriend and I just wanted MY DVD's back. When did it become okay to steal other peoples belongings and bargain about giving them back??


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Sam said...

And just for all you MRs out there MR stands for Mentally Retarded.