Sunday, June 15, 2008

To Run or Not to Run...That is the Question

At this point, I'm fairly certain of the two halves (can I add them to make a whole?) I want to do at the end of this year.

First, I'm interested in running the Baltimore 1/2 in October. This would be a great race for many reasons: 1) Good excuse to visit the Newly Weds, Martha & Brett, 2) Cool to do a race in another state!, 3) BIG challenge to do a race that is anything but flat!

Second, The Richmond 1/2 in November. It was a toss up between this race and the OBX race which is the Sunday before. Since I'm not Super Woman, I will not be running two races in a week.

Surprisingly, I have not done this home town race before. This is actually the first year they have brought the 1/2 back. It has just been the whole marathon for the past several years. This is a good excuse to come home and run through my home town that I'm sure to be missing at this point of the year. I'm going to have to make my family sign something saying that since I choose this race over the more scenic OBX race they will not only watch me, but CHEER me on! Also, I'm hoping I can con The Best Man into doing this race with me...or at the very least traveling into town to cheer me on!

If I do indeed find the money, time, energy, time off, running partners, and cheerleaders required to do these two races in such a short time span, I'll have completed THREE halves this year- bringing my total up to FOUR halves.

Wish me luck and happy running!

Update: Thought I should check out the races in and around the Greenville area. I stumbled upon this:

Yep, that's a half IN GREENVILLE. And it's just a couple of weeks after the Baltimore race. AND The Best Man will be visiting at the end of his road trip. What to do...what to do...?


Martha Butler! said...

Clearly, the only important thing about the Baltimore half is the ability to visit and stay with the newlyweds! What weekend is it? I think it's the 11th?

And, take a look at that map. Where there is a triangle for "relay exchange point" or whatever on Warren Ave, just south of the starting point, that is like a quarter of a block from our house! You can park at our house and walk to the start and back home from the finish!! It's so close!! FUNNNNN


Steven said...

My brother runs a lot and as a result, suffers from shin splints. He is constantly soaking his legs in ice. To me, there is a much simpler solution:

Don't Run.

My philosophy on life is to treat each day as if I carrying scissors.

KrissyMiss said...

Martha, I have to decide btwn the Baltimore race and the Greenville race. Pros and cons to each. I may do Gville and free up some time to have a real visit for you instead of just prepping to run and then recovering... but then again, Greenville is the second day I'll see Sam in 3-4 months, so I may skip out on that one...I'll keep you posted.

Steven, Have you weighed the dual feelings of freedom and connectedness into this equation?