Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Problem Solving 101

Every story has two sides, right? Well, here's mine:

So, my boss and I both get to the Y at the same time. 3 o'clock. I note two guards in the lap pool which normally has one and immediately know something is up.

There are six to eight employees (both lifeguards and swim instructors, not to mention another one of my bosses) standing around literally staring at an empty puke filled pool. I throw my stuff down in the first dry spot I see and abrasively say "Move aside people; move aside!"

If they can't get the job done I will. Period.

I'm literally trying to push people out of the way so I can see why they have the vacuum in the pool, but not running.

It's all about problem solving, people. The hose is old. It doesn't quiet fit or stay where you want it to. But, we have two hoses. The kids state the other (functioning) hose doesn't fit in the wall. So, I put my hand down in the water to further assess the situation.

"The vacuum isn't on. Once you turn it on the suction will hold the hose in the wall."

I do concede that one of the lifeguards makes a minor adjustment to this hose and then I get started and set things up lickety split. (and okay, so without this minor adjustment I may or may not have gotten the hose working so quickly...but, I digress...)

So, the other side of the story you ask? From what I deduced: They could have dealt with the situation in a timely manner had the hose not malfunctioned. But, they did not problem solve quickly enough. It took them THIRTY minutes to get tape and a screw driver to gerry rig the hose. AND there was no one adding chlorine to the pool or skimming out the puke which ended up in various corners of the pool because they took so long to get moving. In their defense, they knew what to do. They just did not have the problem solving skills to quickly find a plan B. Also, no multi tasking was being done. Thirdly, they didn't move out of my way quickly enough. So what would have normally took an hour to clean up...took TWO.

Oh, wait. That still wasn't the other, unbiased side of the story??? Ooops?!


Steven said...

If you hadn't puked in the pool in the first place, you wouldn't have had this problem.

KrissyMiss said...


My specialty is actually throwing a Snickers bar in the pool. . .