Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Short Cut!

Due to crazy family drama that resulted in my being in the ER with my mom Sunday night until 4 AM, I broke down and went to sushi last night anyway. Boy, was it good. Before that the only human interactions I had were with the lady in financial aid (who was not happy about me asking if I could call to confirm that she actually sent my transcript) and various cranky and/or unmotivated people at the Y. A little wasabi, plus some eel and a few laughs with a red head can really cheer one up.

After 5 hours of studying slash chatting it up with KO today, I went for a run.

Its amazing how finding an evasive short cut while running can cheer me up after a few miserable days! Nothing is more exciting about avoiding busy streets that lack sidewalks than getting to run by a horse instead! Seriously cool. Thanks, Masters Laura!

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