Friday, June 27, 2008


I've officially worked out the past four days in a row (if you count teaching aqua aerobics from the deck- hey, I was sore the next day, it counts!). This is not normally something to write about, but as I have only worked out a handful of times this month I'm pretty pleased with myself.

After the "hole in the face" aka having my tooth pulled I was pretty afraid to go to the gym. Then it took me a while to realize I would not bleed out of this small hole in my face even if I went running. I should note it has bleed a few times when I've been too vigorous with brushing my remaining 35 teeth.

K: Will you still like me even though I only have 35 teeth?
The Best Man: I thought you only had 20 something teeth??

Turns out, my one tooth will not be missed after all. Except by me of course. Two weeks later, I'm finally getting to the point where I forget about it when I'm eating. This of course causes anxiety once I realize I've got crumbs of something shoved up in there.

I thought I was writing about working out? Oh yeah. So, the whole working out thing has been great for several reasons: 1) I've already lost weight- I'm not sure how, but I won't argue with the number on the scale (this could also be due to not snacking during the day secondary to anxiety regarding the aforementioned hole in my face), 2) I feel better about myself, and 3) I'm no longer Emo Krissy! I think #3 is the best side effect! Yaay for endorphins!


WanderingGirl said...

You could bleed to death out of that hole. It would take a long time, but it could happen. Just sayin'. BTW, PB says your first order of business in Greenville is to find good barbecue for when we visit!

KrissyMiss said...

I've already begun the hunt. I've been to one rib place already. I will continue the hunt once I move! :)

WanderingGirl said...

Good girl!